November 29th, 2016


A collection of videos featuring my views on tobacco harm reduction, regulation and policy.

Interviews with Sally Satel, American Enterprise Institute

25 October 2016

Full interview: vaping, regulation, health arguments (48m)

Clip: four basic arguments against vaping and what’s wrong with them (8m)

Clip: what is the FDA doing and why it is so misguided? (8m)

Interview on FDA, US situation with Patricia Kovacevic of Nicopure Labs, the company challenging FDA vape technology regulations in court (27m)

26 October 2016

The pleasure principle – clip from Global Forum Nicotine 2016 (2m)

18 June 2016

What would good regulation of e-cigarettes look like – my talk at GFN 2016 (21m)

Interviews on tobacco harm reduction and regulation with Brent Stafford of Regulator Watch (9m)

5 May 2016

How much damage will the Tobacco Products Directive do? (9m)

Extra clip: Nicotine and social acceptance – how does society deal with risk (2m)

What’s good and what’s bad about the Tobacco Products Directive? E-cigarette Summit 2015 (14m)

18 November 2015

Prohibition or profit; competing visions for the tobacco endgame – Global Forum on Nicotine 2015 (27m)

17 June 2015

Meltdown! Debate with Professor John Ashton on Radio 4 (audio – 11m)

14 September 2016 / timeless

The confusion in tobacco control and anticipating the Tobacco Products Directive (8m)

25 October 2013

SWOF: Clive Bates on why electronic cigarettes won’t work as medicines (5m)

18 June 2013

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