September 27th, 2016

Papers and letters

Date Area of interest Link, title and description
April 2017 Brazil Submission by Clive bates and David Sweanor to Brazilian regulator ANVISA on amendments to regulation on tobacco products, making the case for a rational approach to tobacco harm reduction. Submission PDF: Rational tobacco and nicotine policy in Brazil: Response to ANVISA Public Consultation No. 314
April 2017 Czech Republic Letter to Deputy Minister of Health Czech Republic,Lenka Teska Arnostova, from Clive Bates and Eva Králíková responding to her request for a positive harm reduction agenda, and including the need to reform Tobacco Products Directive asap. In English / Czech language.
March 2017 Taiwan Tobacco policy in Taiwan: Tobacco Hazards Prevention and Control Act Amendment Bill

Comment on proposed amendment to prohibit e-cigarettes – Submission – PDF

Blog with supporting material: Challenging and e-cigarette prohibition in Taiwan

February 2017 Australia Further comments on the interim decision on a proposal to amend the Poisons Standard Schedule 7 entry for nicotine Submission – PDF

This is a follow up to our original submission of September 2016.

Blog: Australian medicines regulator intends to continue to protect the cigarette trade – we challenge its bizarre reasoning.

January 2017 United States Reshaping American Tobacco Policy: Eight federal strategies to fight smoking, promote vaping and ignite a public health revolution Report – PDF

Also on R Street: Report – Designed PDF / News Release

Counterfactual Blog: Reshaping American tobacco policy: eight proposals for the Trump administration with 2 page briefings on each proposal.

December 2016 UK / EU

Tax briefing: Revision of the Tobacco Excise Directive: Implications for low-risk nicotine products

Response to EU consultation on possible revisions of tobacco excise directive to include vaping [see post]

November 2016 Global / WHO UKCTAS: Commentary on WHO report on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Electronic Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems

Not actually my document, but I want links to it here.

October 2016 United States Vaping and public health – eight talking points
My talking points for meetings in Washington DC + what should happen next in the United States.
October 2016 UK / EU Letter to UK Department of Health: Great Repeal Bill – proposal to repeal EU e-cigarette regulation and snus ban
Letter to UK Health Secretary calling for UK to use legislation for repealing European Communities Act to also repeal bad e-cigarette regulation and to lift snus ban.
September 2016 EU / WHO Letter to European Council on the approach to WHO FCTC
Letter to the EU group working on EU position for 7th Conference of the Parties (COP-7) making suggestions for good policies that could come from COP.
September 2016 United States So let’s have a debate about nicotine: letter to Mitch Zeller at FDA
Letter in response to negative comments about vaping and the vaping industry by Mitch Zeller.  Calls for a more reasoned debate about nicotine, risk and regulation. With Eli Lehrer, President of R Street.
September 2016 New Zealand Policy Options for the Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes
Consultation response on policy options for e-cigarettes – covers age restrictions, advertising use in public places and numerous technical issues. With David Sweanor.
September 2016 Australia Proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard
Consultation response from 40 experts that makes the case for reclassifying nicotine to allow e-liquids to be sold legally in Australia.
August 2016 United States Submission to court in the challenge to FDA deeming rule
A brief of amici curiae in the case of Nicopure et al vs FDA – the brief argues that FDA’s cost-benefit analysis has no material benefits and ignores huge health costs and unintended consequences. With 15 experts.
June 2016 WHO / global Comparing observer status: tobacco control versus climate change
Comparison of the rules for observers between WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
May 2016 UK / EU Letter to Prime Minister: Vaping and the Tobacco Products Directive – follow up to PMQs
Letter to David Cameron calling for proper impact assessment, monitoring of adverse effects, and review of the directive. With New Nicotine Alliance.
April 2016 Interview with me / Slovenia Interview on harm reduction, e-cigaretetes and TPD implementation
A good guide to my views! I’m interviewed by Slovenian journalist, Lidija Pavlovčič. See article in Slovenian news paper Delo
April 2016 United States / FDA Missing the point: a response to Matt Myers’ views on priorities for FDA
An e-letter in Tobacco Control criticising Myers’ trivial and largely irrelevant criticisms of FDA when much greater issues demand the attention of both FDA and Congress.
April 2016 UK / EU Submission to Department of Health: assessing and mitigating unintended consequences of policies
Consultation response on options for the new tobacco control plan. Sets likely unintended consequences of EU policy on vapour technologies and calls for the government to be more proactive in reviewing and amending the directive. With New Nicotine Alliance.
March 2016 Slovenia / EU Slovenia’s proposed implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive threatens the public health
potential of e-cigarettes and would protect the cigarette trade

Letter to Slovenia’s Prime Minister and Minister of Health calling for pragmatic approach to implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive – especially with regard to internet sales. With Gerry Stimson.
February 2016 Austria / EU Austrian implementation of TPD and the public health potential of e-cigarettes
Letter to Austria’s Minister of Health calling for pragmatic approach to implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive – especially with regard to internet sales. With Gerry Stimson.
February 2016 Austria / EU Austrian implementation of TPD and the public health potential of smokeless tobacco
Letter to Austria’s Minister of Health arguing against its plan to widen the EU ban on snus to cover all smokeless tobacco. With Gerry Stimson.
November 2015 Global / New England Journal of Medicine Letter to NEJM on the ‘Hidden Formaldehyde’ paper
Letter to editor of New England Journal of Medicine editor summarising criticisms and consequences of the profoundly flawed Portland State University paper on e-cigarettes and Hidden Formaldehyde. See also

September 2015 Global Harms or Highs: regulating narcotics, alcohol and nicotine
Article for Politique Internationale on regulation for harm reduction rather than drug prohibition. Two themes: (1) purpose of policy should be reducing harm; (2) policy itself can be a significant cause of harm.
August 2015 Australia Senate Economics Legislation Committee inquiry into personal choice and community
Submission to Australian Senate inquiry into personal choice and community (also referred to as the Nanny State) for its strand on tobacco and e-cigarettes. With David Sweanor, Ron Borland, Lynn Kozlowski.
June 2015 Hong Kong Submission to Hong Kong Panel on Health Services of Legislative Council As Hong Kong considers banning e-cigarettes. Professor Stimson and I argue the contrary case [Mandarin translation by local activists]. See blog: Hong Kong health department moves decisively to protect the cigarette trade
June 2015 Singapore Open letter to Government of Singapore Letter to Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health, Singapore
Mrs. Tan Ching Yee, Permanent Secretary (Health) setting out the case against banning e-cigarettes.  See blog: Singapore law protects the most dangerous nicotine products, bans the safest – why?
April 2015 UK / BMA Complaint to General Medical Council regarding rogue BMA spokesmanDetailed critique and formal complaint about false and irresponsible radio comments about e-cigarettes by British Medical Association spokesman, Dr George Rae. See blog: Regulator gives irresponsible doctors green light to say false and harmful things to the public
November 2014 United States / FDA Submission to FDA: Framing issues in evaluating a Modified Risk Tobacco Product application
My views on the many absurdities of the way the US regulator, the FDA, approaches communication of reduced risk to the consumers. See also a submission done jointly with 17 academics. Relates to snus MRTP application.
October 2014 Canada Brief for House of Commons of Canada Standing Committee on Health
A disruptive public health technology threatened by excessive regulation. See blog: Canadian Dawn – following positive report by this committee.
October 2014 Global / WHO WHO position on ENDS (e-cigarettes): A critique of the use of science and communication of risk
Analysis of the false and misleading risk communications about e-cigarettes coming from WHO in the run up to FCTC COP-6.
August 2014 United States / FDA Critical commentary on the public comments on the FDA deeming rule submitted by UCSF faculty and fellows
My critique of the multiple submissions to the FDA by Professor Stanton Glantz and his colleagues aiming to create harmful regulation for e-cigarettes. I put the counter case.
May 2014 Global / WHO Letter to WHO Director General Margaret Chan by 53 scientists and experts Letter titled: Reducing the toll of death and disease from tobacco – tobacco harm reduction and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Letter makes case for a more balanced approach to tobacco harm reduction. A response and counter response followed.

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