Big Tobacco's Little Helpers

Public health disinformation encourages regulation that protects the cigarette trade

This is a guest post by David Sweanor, Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Ottawa and lifelong public health campaigner, Starts here…


The Worst Letter of 2014 - a review

Winner! The Worst Letter of 2014

The 13 December letter by Professors Glantz, McKee, Chapman and Daube published in The Lancet wins my prestigious Worst Letter of 2014 award. There now follows a detailed review…


Misleading the public for their own good? Changing the warnings on snus

Misleading labels implicitly exaggerating risk? These are the current U.S. snus warnings

What sort of ‘warnings’ should go on tins of snus? Modern snus use is probably around 98% less risky than smoking – but do the regulatory ‘risk communications’ in the form of these warnings really reflect that? Do they give the […]

Scientific sleight of hand: constructing concern about ‘particulates’ from e-cigarettes

A source of environmental particulates – but nothing like e-cigarette vapour

The opponents of e-cigarettes have determined that ‘ultrafine particles’ or ‘particulates’ are an issue they can work with. But this campaigning gambit, it turns out, involves a crude scientific sleight of hand. We’ll explore this by looking at some examples and the […]

The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle applied

The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle

There are three problems increasingly evident in ‘tobacco control’ science when it comes to tobacco harm reduction:

Contrived and phoney research designed to support pre-existing policy preferences (see previous post). Spin by scientists and activists designed to create some sort of moral panic or adverse change in risk perception […]