A billion lives?

A promising new documentary film is on the way to our screens: A billion lives –“a true story of government failure, big business and the vaping revolution”. See trailer above.

It gets its name from the often-quoted figure that one billion lives may be lost to diseases caused by smoking in the 21st Century. […]

Response to Professor Chapman’s blog about my views on e-cigarettes

Personalised attack

Professor Simon Chapman of the University of Sydney has used his BMJ blog platform to mount a quite personalised attack on my views on e-cigarettes drawing bizarre conclusions from imagined inconsistencies in statements I made about completely different things separated by 15 years and a lot of change. I’ve submitted a […]

10 ways to improve Matt Myers’ letter to the New York Times

In a recent column, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera invited Matt Myers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, to change direction and lead a campaign to exploit the public health potential of e-cigarettes by finding a better form of regulation than that in preparation at the FDA. In a response letter to […]

Public health experts talking sense about e-cigarettes and vaping

Public Health England recently published some excellent video commentaries on vaping and e-cigarettes by genuinely thoughtful and engaged public health experts – I have collected them here. These are intended for an English audience, but they deserve a much wider airing because they show what public health could be like if it actually approached the […]

Are we in the endgame for smoking?

Now what?

Endgame: noun 1. Chess. the final stage of a game, usually following the exchange of queens and the serious reduction of forces. 2. the late or final stages of any activity: the end game of the negotiations.

There is a thread of discussion in the world of tobacco control devoted to […]