Louise Ross: Scaremongering about e-cigarettes is not in the best interests of patients

Falling footfall: are Stop Smoking Services staying relevant and responsive to the changing landscape?

This is a guest posting by Louise Ross, Manager of the Stop Smoking Services for Leicester City Council reproducing her recent article in the Pharmaceutical Journal. The graphic above is mine.


Louise Ross: what does ‘ecig-friendly’ really mean?

“work with them, listen to them, encourage them, and respect them”

In this guest blog, Louise Ross – a pioneer of applied tobacco harm reduction – asks what it means to run e-cig friendly support services for smokers. Update 4 September 2015: French language article about Louise and translation of this blog on […]

Louise Ross: why shouldn’t people with poor mental health have the same opportunities as everyone else?

Does this give people with poor mental health the same opportunities as everyone else?

A new guest blog from Louise Ross, Leicester Stop Smoking Service Manager, showing the way with humanity, empathy and humility (previous posts: Let there be light! and Who’s health are we talking about?). Her new guest blog starts now:


Guest blog by Louise Ross: Whose health are we talking about?

Intro by Clive Bates. You may remember Louise Ross’s brilliant first outing on this blog: Let there be light!. Louise runs the NHS Stop Smoking Service in Leicester and she was full of optimism for the potential of vaping to help smokers quit smoking. She has carried on the mission and inspired and enthused many […]

Let there be light! Guest blog from stop smoking service manager

Brilliant account of a stop smoking service thinking about the true mission, showing curiosity, innovation and passion. I hope the other services are inspired to try similar… open minded experimentation (and evaluation) vital in public health. It’s also a fine example of the empathy and humility in public health I called for recently.

Guest blog […]