Looking back, but forwards too - guest posting by Louise Ross

Out there, on your side – Louise Ross puts the public back into public health

As she retires a hero to many in the field of tobacco harm reduction and public health, Louise Ross has penned this blog, which starts below…


Louise Ross: E-cigarette samples - a legitimate way of helping people to switch?

Guest post from Louise Ross, Manager of the Leicester e-cig friendly Stop Smoking Service. (@grannylouisa)

Faced with a patient who has had a cancer diagnosis, who smokes but rejects any attempt to discuss stopping smoking, what should a stop smoking advisor do?


Beyond the Quit: what happens when e-cigs go wrong? - Louise Ross

Meet people where they are or want to be

Guest post by Louise Ross, Service Manager at Leicester City Stop Smoking Service – the pioneering e-cig friendly service for smokers who want to quit. Louise explains how her service is teaming up with a vape bar and vaper to give practical help to smokers […]

When horror pictures top-trump evidence: a lose-lose situation

Louise Ross The Big Debate: e-cigarettes – an alternative to smoking?

Louise Ross, head of the Leicester Stop Smoking Services, took part in a debate on e-cigarette in front of an audience of respiratory nurses. It didn’t go well.

In this guest blog, Louise describes her experience debating e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction with […]

Louise Ross: Scaremongering about e-cigarettes is not in the best interests of patients

Falling footfall: are Stop Smoking Services staying relevant and responsive to the changing landscape?

This is a guest posting by Louise Ross, Manager of the Stop Smoking Services for Leicester City Council reproducing her recent article in the Pharmaceutical Journal. The graphic above is mine.