To tax or not to tax? Response to EU on taxing vaping and other reduced risk products


European Commission consultation: the Commission is consulting on applying excise duties (i.e. tax) to vape products and other reduced risk alternatives to smoking – see here for consultation page with online form for interested parties to complete – please do add your response.

New Nicotine Alliance response: I have been working as an […]

How does Big Tobacco see its future? Guest blog by Jonathan Fell

What is the tobacco industry up to? Let’s ask someone from the City who knows about it…

Note from Counterfactual. There’s much speculation and theorising from public health academics about what the tobacco industry is doing and what motivates it. But this often based on a […]

Regulating disruptive technologies – three papers

In 2013, Goldman Sachs declared e-cigarettes to be a disruptive technology: the search for creative destruction

Eight Disruptive Themes

(1) E-cigarettes: The potential to transform the tobacco industry. Imagine a product that is possibly >99% less harmful than cigarettes, delivers a similar use experience and offers a better economic bargain— this is the proposition […]

US public health establishment proposes to increase fiscal deaths

If only it was that simple…

According to the great sage Benjamin Franklin in 1789:

… in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes

He probably didn’t envisage deliberately causing death by carelessly designing taxes. But to my surprise and dismay, that seems to be the idea of […]

Fiscal deaths ahead: European Commission wants to tax e-cigarettes

Tumescent tax officials have found something new to tax

What if basic economics tells you that raising a tax on a newer, much safer, product will lead to more consumption of an older much more dangerous product than there would otherwise be? What if the consequence of that tax was to cause more cancer, […]