Misleading the public for their own good? Changing the warnings on snus

Misleading labels implicitly exaggerating risk? These are the current U.S. snus warnings

What sort of ‘warnings’ should go on tins of snus? Modern snus use is probably around 98% less risky than smoking – but do the regulatory ‘risk communications’ in the form of these warnings really reflect that? Do they give the […]

Wells Fargo second annual e-cig conference – some reflections

The switch to 2nd generation products arrested the decline of NJOY

I participated as a panel member in the Wells Fargo Securities Second Annual E-cig Conference, chaired by Bonnie Herzog, the lead beverage and tobacco sector analyst at Wells Fargo. It was a fascinating occasion and good moment to take the temperature of […]

Big Pharma anti-vaping ad complaint

I found this annoying and decided to complain

Update: MHRA (predictably) rejected this complaint. So, medicine regulator defends regulated medicine maker in attack on non-medical but superior alternative to smoking. To do otherwise would have been to draw attention to the folly of regulating recreational nicotine products as medicines. See letter (PDF). End […]

Regulation for tobacco harm reduction – four pillars


In my last post on regulation I set out some general ideas that I think should guide and constrain the regulation of e-cigarettes. From my presentation at Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, here’s a suggested four pillars for regulation of e-cigarettes and other low risk products.


E-cigs and regulation – what do investment analysts think?

The investment analysts are always interesting on tobacco and e-cigs, and in a usefully dispassionate ‘follow-the-money’ kind of way.

Here’s a small collection of quotes I’ve seen in recent analyst reports mainly as they relate to regulation of e-cigarettes. I don’t see all reports of course so this is necessarily selective. For ease of reference, […]