WHO tobacco meeting - could the FCTC do something useful on vaping?

But can WHO help?

I’m sometimes accused of being a WHO-sceptic, or worse. No more! In the run up to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control COP-7 meeting in Delhi, 7-12 November, I have been challenged to say something positive about how the FCTC could do useful and constructive things on vaping and tobacco […]

How not to be duped by gateway effect claims

DANGER: E-cigarette ‘gateway’ studies may expose gullible readers to reputational harm

Sometimes studies appear that can create the appearance of the discovery of a ‘gateway effect’ – the idea that vaping causes young people to progress to smoking.

Update: a ‘gateway’ study has just been published (13 June) and lots of dupes have duly […]

When horror pictures top-trump evidence: a lose-lose situation

Louise Ross The Big Debate: e-cigarettes – an alternative to smoking?

Louise Ross, head of the Leicester Stop Smoking Services, took part in a debate on e-cigarette in front of an audience of respiratory nurses. It didn’t go well.

In this guest blog, Louise describes her experience debating e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction with […]

Annual quiz on e-cigarettes and harm reduction - 2016

Fun with a purpose – twelve thought experiments in the form of a quiz designed to interrogate your views on e-cigarettes and harm reduction.


Public health snoopers detect vapour aerosol at vape conference and fake a particulates scare

In an apparently clandestine operation, undercover public health snoopers ventured into a vape conference carrying concealed air-quality monitoring equipment. They detected … wait for it … e-liquid aerosol in the air. This secretive operation is reported (where else?) the journal Tobacco Control.

Let us examine its scientific and policy claims.


Smears or science? The BMJ attack on Public Health England and its e-cigarettes evidence review

Who are the Illuminati of e-cigarettes? The BMJ investigates…

For doing what it should do and doing it well, Public Health England has been subjected to a frenzy of criticism from the public health establishment. What is going on…? I’d like to make ten observations… This commentary focuses on a BMJ news article: Public […]

Totally Wicked legal challenge to the Tobacco Products Directive e-cigarette measures

Where the hubris and ignorance of European Union legislators is brought painfully to account

This page explains the Totally Wicked legal action against the European Union Tobacco Products Directive, Article 20 – the section that deal with e-cigarettes.

Update. The Totally Wicked case was dismissed on 4th May 2016. No appeal is possible.


Lipstick on a pig: response to consultation on the Tobacco Products Directive

I responded to the Department of Health consultation on implementing the EU Tobacco Products Directive [documents / consultation]. The on-line survey system accessible from the consultation page is by far the easiest way to respond. Closes 3rd September 2015.

To be candid, I find this consultation quite patronising. In the manner of putting lipstick […]

Public Health England says truthful realistic things about e-cigarettes

Credible expert review commissioned by committed public health authority

Today sees a new e-cigarettes assessment from England’s public health authority, Public Health England. It includes an excellent evidence review by Professors Ann McNeill and Peter Hajek and their colleagues. Great kudos must go to Kevin Fenton, Rosanna O’Connor, Martin Dockrell and their colleague at […]

Tasmania consults on better protections for cigarettes and new ways to promote cancer

Tasmanian smokers to be offered choice: quit or die!

Tasmania consults on better protections for cigarettes and new ways to promote cancer… Okay, that’s not quite how they put it.

But they have been consulting on further turns of the prohibitionist screw on e-cigarettes. I have collaborated with the excellent folk at the New […]